Sharon Loper Etchings

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Sharon Loper

The tree represents a space within, the roots of the tree are the connection to the planet and the trunk represents life.

The tree is always moving, swaying, dancing. Tree gives us air to breath and beauty at the same time, it gives us shade and shelter and holds the soil together.

Tree provides a home for many animals. The tree is a microcosm of life. Before executing the body of work I sketched the trees for two days so that I could feel the trees and watch them move, I noticed how perfect the balance, each tree different, unique to one another, as humans, no two alike.

The subject of the tree came from the need to define a single shape for the purpose of working on paper using a process called solar etching where an aluminum plate is exposed by the sun. This process eliminates the use of acids and gives me greater flexibility to work the image. At times I paint directly on the plate before putting it through the press. I can also add paper and use a stencil to achieve greater density of color. The plate is registered and run through the press as many as three times.

Sharon Loper
Triton Museum of Art

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